US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer faced social media backlash on Father’s Day after sharing a photo of himself grilling burgers and hot dogs. The Brooklyn-born senator’s grilling skills were questioned by food critics on social media, who didn’t hold back in their critiques.

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Schumer had initially posted a photo, with a wide smile, standing in front of a grill loaded with burger patties and hot dogs. He expressed joy about his daughter and her wife recently buying a house with a backyard, allowing them to have a barbecue for the first time. He tweeted, “Father’s Day Heaven!”

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However, commenters wasted no time in taking Schumer to task. They questioned his decision to place a piece of cheese on a patty before it was fully cooked. One user cheekily remarked, “Chuck, I love you man, but you put the cheese on AFTER the burger is cooked.” Another suggested he cook the burger longer.

Yet, amidst the onslaught of criticism, some came to Schumer’s defense. One user clarified that the patty was actually a veggie burger beneath a slice of tofu. Another user empathized, sharing a personal grilling mishap and praising Schumer for doing better.


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