So far this year, the Chicago Police Department has reported 127 juveniles falling victim to gun violence in the city. Superintendent Larry Snelling expressed grave concern about the situation, calling it unbearable and unacceptable for everyone in the city.

The recent fatal shooting of a seven-year-old boy outside his West Side apartment has added to the distressing toll. According to Snelling, the tragic incident occurred when the boy left his residence to visit a neighbor next door in broad daylight, around three o’clock in the afternoon.

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Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Snelling emphasized, “This wasn’t a situation where the parents didn’t know where their child was. This child was walking out of his residence.”

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Tragically, out of the 127 children shot in the city this year, 17 have lost their lives. The police superintendent urged prosecutors to take decisive action to keep violent offenders off the streets, with a firm stance against repeat offenders being allowed to roam freely.

Expressing frustration at the current scenario, Snelling emphasized, “This is not only frustrating for the Chicago Police Department. It’s not only frustrating when we know that we’ve arrested someone who has committed a violent act and they’re right back out again. It’s frustrating to members of our community.”

Underlining the critical need for proactive measures, Snelling asserted the importance of prosecuting individuals arrested for violent crimes and emphasized that law enforcement is extensively focused on locations with the highest levels of violent crime.

“This is the harsh reality we are living in, and it’s time for decisive action to tackle this intolerable situation,” remarked the police superintendent.

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