A heated confrontation in Italy’s parliament led to a lawmaker reportedly being wheeled out of the chamber. The brawl occurred on Wednesday during a vote on a controversial bill to grant greater autonomy to Italy’s regions.

The incident began when Leonardo Donno, a member of the opposition Five Star Movement party, thrust an Italian flag into the face of Roberto Calderoli, the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies. This action ignited a physical altercation, with parliamentary clerks and other lawmakers quickly joining in. One lawmaker was seen throwing punches at Donno. A video posted to X purportedly shows the confrontation unfolding:

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Donno later recounted the violent encounter to local media, saying, “Among the various kicks, I also received a very strong punch to the sternum, and I collapsed because I couldn’t breathe.” He was subsequently taken from the chamber in a wheelchair.

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Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani expressed his dismay over the incident, “I have no words. We need to set another example, not punches to resolve political problems. It’s not braggadocio, it’s not shouting, it’s ideas that need to be explained well to persuade voters.”

The debate on the autonomy bill is set to continue on Thursday.