JD Rucker recently discussed the impending imprisonment of Steve Bannon for defying a congressional subpoena related to the January 6 investigation. Bannon’s attorneys argue that his non-compliance is justified by former President Trump’s invocation of executive privilege.

“According to the article over at RVM News, Steve Bannon is set to serve prison time for defying the January 6 committee,” Rucker stated. “A federal judge has mandated that Steve Bannon, a former Senior Advisor to President Trump, must begin serving a four-month prison sentence by July 1. Bannon’s imprisonment resulted from his refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena investigating the January 6 Capitol events.”

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Rucker clarified Bannon’s actions, emphasizing that he was following legal advice. “It’s not that he defied or refused the subpoena. He was doing what was recommended to him by his attorneys, and they had right cause, because, at the time, President Trump had invoked executive privilege. Now Bannon does not have the authority to supersede executive privilege. Bannon’s attorneys do not have the authority to supersede executive privilege. Congress does not have the authority to supersede executive privilege.”

He acknowledged the judicial system’s role in checking executive privilege but noted that it wasn’t utilized in this case. “Now they can take it to court. And if the court system declares that this particular declaration of executive privilege by this particular president is not valid, fine, then that is part of the checks and balances. I am supportive of the idea that the judiciary, the judicial branch, can overturn executive privilege, and not as a whole, but in certain circumstances if it’s deemed unconstitutional. That is the litmus test. Well, that that never happened. They never tried it. They never they never took it all the way to the Supreme Court. They never did anything. They just said, Nope, that doesn’t count. You’re going to jail, and that’s why Steve Bannon is supposed to report to jail by July 1.”

Rucker detailed the judicial process leading to Bannon’s sentence. “The directive from Judge Carl Nichols follows the rejection of Bannon’s appeal to overturn his conviction. This decision ensures Bannon, a pivotal conservative media figure and Trump associate, will be incarcerated during a crucial period in the 2024 presidential campaign between Trump and Joe Biden.”

Reflecting on the implications of this case, Rucker shared his skepticism about the outcome. “If there’s any positive or silver lining here, it’s that by giving Bannon until July 1, which is approximately three weeks away, he’s allowing Bannon’s attorneys to continue to appeal this, to try to get it overturned. Is that a positive? I guess so. I mean, I guess there’s a chance. I’m just skeptical.”

Rucker also highlighted the broader significance of Bannon’s case. “Today I’m going to be talking about four truths that this news has revealed to us, and these aren’t truths that, when I say revealed, none of this is new. This just reiterates, and perhaps brings it beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the things we’ve been talking about, the things that Steve Bannon has been talking about on his show, are accurate. We are living in a very different America than the one that any of us were born into. Even I don’t care how young you are, okay, you could be five years old, America is extraordinarily different than it was just five years ago, and it’s not different in a good way, not by any means.”

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