Gisele Bündchen has reportedly ended her relationship with her jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, and sources claim the split was influenced by a recent roast of her ex-husband, Tom Brady.

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Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel and ex-wife of NFL legend Tom Brady, had been linked with Valente for some time. The pair were often seen together, leading to widespread speculation about their relationship. However, the relationship seems to have come to an abrupt end.

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According to insiders, the cause of the breakup was a recent roast of Tom Brady. The event, which poked fun at the football star’s illustrious career and personal life, apparently did not sit well with Valente. Sources close to the situation suggest that Valente was uncomfortable with the public scrutiny and jokes targeting Brady, and this led to tension between him and Bündchen.

Gisele has always maintained a respectful stance towards Brady, even after their divorce. The two share children and have consistently expressed mutual respect in public statements. It seems that the negative attention and jokes about Brady at the roast were a breaking point for Valente, who reportedly expressed his displeasure to Bündchen.

As the relationship with Valente ends, Gisele is focusing on her career and her children. She remains one of the most influential figures in fashion and continues to manage her business ventures and philanthropic efforts.

While the exact details of the roast and the subsequent breakup remain private, it is clear that the event had a significant impact on the relationship. Gisele and Valente have not made any public statements regarding their split.