In a showdown between a bikini-clad barista and an irate customer, the South Seattle coffee scene turned into a spectacle of violence. Emma Lee, the 23-year-old owner of A Taste of Heaven Espresso, found herself in a heated joust with a customer, resulting in an unexpected escalation that went viral.

The altercation unfolded on a typical Tuesday as Lee served a man his order – a 32-ounce coffee and a 24-ounce water. Things went awry when they sparred over the $22 price tag, leading to a spat. Incensed, the customer lobbed the drinks at Lee before making a scene by attempting to pry open the window, leaving her feeling in danger and prompting her to take action.

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As captured by surveillance footage, Lee retaliated by wielding a hammer and striking the customer’s windshield, prompting the customer to dig his heels and refuse to budge until the police intervened.

Lee stood strong in her defense, asserting her right to protect her property. She filed charges of misdemeanor assault and barred the customer from her stand, while the customer, in turn, could pursue legal action for the damage to his windshield.

Lee addressed the issue on her Instagram, emphasizing the broader concern for the safety of women in similar solitary roles and urging a shift in the narrative surrounding such incidents.

While many rallied in support of Lee, branding her a local hero, a few questioned her actions, prompting a mixed bag of reactions to the fiery confrontation.

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