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X-Rated Wheel Of Fortune Answer Leaves Pat Sajak Stunned [VIDEO]

A recent episode of the beloved game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” took an unexpected turn when contestant Tavaris Williams delivered a jaw-dropping answer. The incident occurred on May 23 during a toss-up puzzle segment, leaving the audience and host Pat Sajak in shock.

The round was under the category “Phrases” and the puzzle displayed the letters “_ _ _ _ I _ T _ E B _ _ T!” Without hesitation, Williams seized the opportunity and blurted out, “Right in the butt!” The response elicited a gasp from the stunned spectators, and fellow contestant Tyra couldn’t help but exclaim, “What?!” However, Sajak quickly intervened with a disheartening “No.”

Meanwhile, another contestant named Blake correctly guessed the intended answer: “This is the best!” Williams took the moment in good spirits, sharing a chuckle and playfully remarking, “Much better answer.”

Even during Williams’ interview, Sajak felt compelled to acknowledge the unconventional reply, stating, “You’ve already made an impression on us.” As the iconic host approaches his final season on “Wheel of Fortune,” Williams certainly left a lasting memory among the show’s staff and viewers alike.

While Williams’ NSFW answer was not what anyone had expected, it served as a surprising and unforgettable moment in the game’s long-running history.