Bryce Mitchell, a professional UFC featherweight fighter, made headlines on Wednesday after announcing his decision to homeschool his son in order to shield him from what he views as negative influences, notably including the possibility of his son being gay. Mitchell took to Instagram to share his controversial stance and has since garnered mixed reactions from the public.

In a video posted on Instagram, Mitchell expressed his intention to homeschool his son, Tucker, citing concerns about exposure to what he perceives as undesirable ideologies in public education, including communism, satanism, and homosexuality. “We’re going to have to home-school all our kids, or they’re all going to end up turning gay,” Mitchell stated in the video. “That’s the reason I’m going to home-school Tucker because I don’t want him to be a communist. I don’t want him to worship Satan. I don’t want him to be gay.”


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In addition to these assertions, Mitchell also voiced a preference for religious education over conventional literature, specifically criticizing the works of Edgar Allan Poe. He emphasized his preference for his son to read the Bible instead of other literary works. Mitchell stated, “They took it out of the schools and replaced it with Edgar Allan Poe, who shacked up with his cousin. My son ain’t going to be reading no Edgar Allan Poe, OK? He’s going to be reading the Bible.”

While Mitchell was aware that his comments might stir controversy, he remained resolute in his beliefs. In the video caption, he wrote, “Yall kno ill get censored for this one. but i dont care. i love kids and i love the truth. we have to fite for our kids or evil will corrupt the next generation. this country is so evil only God can save us.”

Mitchell’s remarks have evoked diverse responses on social media, with some fellow UFC fighters expressing support for his decision, while others have criticized his views. Fellow UFC fighter Ricky Simon commented, “Don’t let them poison our children. God bless bro,” aligning with Mitchell’s perspective. Similarly, one of Mitchell’s followers echoed their agreement, saying, “Exactly, bro I totally agree with you 100%.”

However, not all reactions have been supportive. Some dissenting voices have accused Mitchell of promoting intolerance and criticized his decision to homeschool based on his beliefs. “Let’s hope his son doesn’t end up a hateful bigòt like his daddy. Hate isn’t a family value,” remarked one critic. Another commenter went further, stating, “Someone as dumb as you homeschooling their children is child abuse.”

The announcement made by Mitchell has ignited a widespread conversation about parental rights, education, and differing perspectives on social and cultural issues in today’s society. As the debate continues, Mitchell remains steadfast in his decision to homeschool his son, citing a desire to protect him from what he perceives as potentially harmful influences.

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