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Suspected Meth Head Charging Police With A Pipe & Hammer Fatally Shot, Ruled Justified [VIDEOS]

Boise, Idaho – In a recent investigation, Boise Police Officers have been exonerated of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting that occurred near Ann Morrison Park last August. The incident, which claimed the life of 54-year-old Christian Johnson, has been deemed justified after a thorough examination of evidence.

The assessment of the officers’ actions was carried out by Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Fredback, who reviewed the on-body videos and investigation report presented by the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force. After careful consideration, Fredback concluded that the shooting death of Christian Johnson on August 3, 2023 was fully justified.

According to Fredback’s report, it is evident that the officers arrived at the scene intending to address Christian’s concerns and provide assistance. Being aware of Christian’s methamphetamine use, which likely contributed to his erratic and paranoid behavior, Corporal Johnson and Officer Miller took note of his armed and agitated state from the moment they encountered him. The officers repeatedly instructed Christian to drop his weapons in order to avoid any violent confrontation, a command that was given a total of twelve times. Despite these instructions, Christian remained armed, belligerent, and posed a threat not only to himself but to the public as well, as he refused to comply with the officers’ lawful orders. Consequently, Officers Johnson and Miller had no choice but to fulfill their legal duty and employ deadly force to protect themselves and others.

The incident took place at approximately 11 a.m. in an apartment complex located on the 1100 block of S. Dale Street near Ann Morrison Park.

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar expressed his regret over the loss of Mr. Johnson’s life, highlighting the importance of individuals in crisis receiving the necessary help and resources to stabilize their lives and behaviors before reaching the point of posing a deadly threat to others, including police officers.