In a concerning incident at the Republican headquarters in Washington DC, the building has been placed under lockdown while a Hazmat team is on the scene. Reports indicate that several vials containing an unknown substance, believed to be blood, were sent to the headquarters.

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NBC correspondent Dasha Burns has provided insight into the situation, confirming the arrival of these ‘vials of blood’ and highlighting that the building will remain locked down ‘until further notice’.

The U.S. Capitol Police have swiftly taken action and are currently conducting an investigation into this suspicious substance. According to Axios, politicians’ offices in Congress have been informed of the ongoing investigation taking place at the address of the Republican National Committee.

With the safety of individuals being of paramount importance, a notice issued by the police has urged all staff and personnel to steer clear of the immediate area until further notice. The nature and origin of the sent vials, as well as its potential motives, are yet to be determined.

This unsettling development at the Republican headquarters underscores the necessity for vigilance and heightened security measures, particularly during this politically charged period. The authorities are actively working to gather more information and resolve the situation promptly.

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