An alarming incident unfolded at Wokcano, an Asian restaurant, and bar in Los Angeles when an employee was viciously attacked by an irate customer. The altercation, which occurred on May 19, left Kevin Oxlaj, a busser and host at the establishment, with severe injuries.

The altercation began when a customer confronted the restaurant staff, including a pregnant server, over the delay in receiving his food. Oxlaj, standing behind the counter, intervened and requested the customer to refrain from shouting at his pregnant co-worker. Despite attempts to defuse the situation and offer apologies for the delay, the customer became increasingly agitated.

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Security footage captured the moment the customer, after removing his jacket, physically assaulted Oxlaj, striking him in the jaw and pushing him backward. Despite Oxlaj’s attempts to defend himself, the customer continued to attack him, causing serious injuries including bruising around the ear and face. Oxlaj, who has a medical tube in his ear, expressed fear that the assault could have been fatal.

To make matters worse, the assailant has not been arrested and has reportedly returned to the restaurant multiple times, causing fear and anxiety among the staff. Oxlaj’s mother, Isabel Hernández, revealed that the customer ominously declared his intention to seek out Oxlaj.

This disturbing incident comes in the wake of another tragic event at a McDonald’s, where an argument over an order led to the fatal shooting of attorney Jeffrey Limmer. The situation escalated when the suspected shooter, Anthony Martin Landry, demanded a refund and subsequently shot the attorney during a confrontation in the parking lot.

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These distressing events serve as a stark reminder of the need for respect and civility in public interactions and the potential dangers faced by employees in the service industry. Oxlaj continues to recover from his injuries and expressed concern about his safety in light of the ongoing threat posed by the assailant. The authorities are urged to take swift action to ensure the safety and well-being of the restaurant staff and to hold the perpetrator accountable for his violent actions.

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