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Republican Governor Challenges Ohio Laws To Get Joe Biden On The Ballot [VIDEO]

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has received criticism from conservatives following his announcement that he’s calling a special legislative session to assist the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in placing Joe Biden on November’s ballot. This decision comes as Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issues warnings to the DNC for non-compliance with Ohio’s strict nomination laws.

The Ohio law mandates that presidential candidates be officially nominated 90 days before the election, which sets August 7 as the date this year. The Democratic National Convention is due to be held on August 19-22, which goes past the August 7 cutoff. In addition, May 9 was the deadline for the Ohio lawmakers to take action. The law stipulates that without legal remedy or adjustment by the Democrats, their nominee will be excluded from the ballot.

In response to the warning, Governor Mike DeWine claims that the Republican-led Ohio House has failed to pass legislation that could amend this requirement, thereby getting Biden to appear on the ballot. The RINO Governor has announced a special legislative session to begin on Tuesday next week, citing an urgent need to pass legislation that will guarantee the inclusion of both major presidential candidates and prohibit campaign spending by foreign nationals.

However, the conservatives reject this move, seeing it as an attempt to accommodate the Democrats, who flouted Ohio laws. While Democrats are busy filing lawsuits and indicting former President Donald Trump to keep him off other state ballots, Governor DeWine is falling over backward to help Biden, which is a slap in the face to every Republican in Ohio. This is Ohio’s first special session since 2004.