Democratic Senator Susan Eggman, who represents San Joaquin County’s part outside San Francisco, has denounced her progressive colleagues for attempting to weaken a new law that would make it a felony to purchase or solicit a minor for commercial sex within the Golden State. Eggman’s fiery speech happened on the Senate floor on Thursday as lawmakers urged to weigh in on a legislation proposal. The bill would increase the penalty for soliciting sex from a child to a minimum of two to four years in prison alongside sex offender registration.

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The current law in California imposes a $10,000 fine and a jail term of between two days and a year for soliciting sex from a child. Bill 1414, which Eggman supported along with GOP State Senator Shannon Grove, aims to strengthen the penalty for this offense.

In her speech, Eggman criticized the watering down of the bill last month, which allowed a felony classification for the purchase of minors under the age of 16. She further expressed disappointment in her progressive colleagues for tolerating child abuse.

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“I’m done with us protecting people who would buy and abuse our children,” said Eggman, who has served in the Senate for 12 years. “I don’t want more people in prison, but I don’t want people buying girls. I’m tired of saying it’s okay and that we have to protect the men who do it.”

Sen. Eggman, taking a hard line on the issue, stated that it’s about time that California lawmakers take a stand against child abuse. The bill received Gov. Gavin Newsom’s support and passed 36-0. It is now on its way to the state assembly.

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