NBC News reporter Dasha Burns recently faced a tough crowd while covering Trump’s rally in the deep-blue Bronx, New York. Several Black and Latino Trump supporters completely shut her down when she tried to confront them on the former president’s “racist” rhetoric. Burns stated on MSNBC on Friday that the Black and Latino supporters she spoke to at the rally had entirely bought into Trump’s policies, irrespective of his past “racist” and “bigoted” remarks. She added that these voters were so focused on their lives and tangible benefits that they promptly shut down any comments that challenged their views.

Burns was struck by the fact that many of the people she spoke to were immigrants with views aligned to Trump’s strict immigration policies, including mass deportations. She said that most of the immigrants, including those born and raised in the Bronx, agree with Trump’s position on immigration, citing that they entered the county legally and resent that the city is currently caring for illegal immigrants, rather than addressing their needs.

Among the rally attendees were Black and Latino voters who were tired of excessive gas and grocery prices and frustrated with the border situation. Burns spoke to a few of them, who praised Trump’s policies and criticized Biden for disrespecting New York citizens. When Burns pushed back with some of Trump’s controversial verbal attacks, such as racism and bigotry, the Trump supporters stated they had no issue with such rhetoric and prioritized Trump’s tangible contributions to their community.

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Burns’ encounters with minority Trump supporters at the rally reveal that these voters are not solely concerned about the former president’s alleged racist remarks compared to his policies. They believe that his anti-illegal immigration and economic policies provide tangible benefits to their communities, and they support him regardless of any past controversial comments.

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