Tensions escalated on Wednesday as MSNBC host Joy Reid and Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam clashed outside the Manhattan Court House, where the show trial against former President Donald Trump is currently taking place. The incident occurred when Bergquam questioned Reid about Trump Derangement Syndrome, a term used to describe an intense dislike or hatred towards the former president.

Known for her strong negative views of Trump, Reid has been criticized by conservatives for what they perceive as the propagation of false narratives, mockery of Trump supporters, and alleged racism against white individuals. In an attempt to confront Reid about her alleged mental illness and hairstyle, Bergquam approached her during a break in the trial proceedings.

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The Gateway Pundit has reported that the jury is expected to deliberate between 10 AM and 4:30 PM daily, beginning today. Although the specific criminal act that Trump is being accused of has yet to be defined by the prosecution, concerns have been raised about the potential bias within the courtroom and the possibility of a predetermined guilty verdict.

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As Bergquam posed his question about whether individuals with Trump Derangement Syndrome are aware of their condition, Reid swiftly dismissed him by responding, “You’re an idiot.” However, the exchange quickly escalated as Reid became increasingly agitated and proceeded to use explicit language while shouting, “You are a f*cking idiot!”

The incident was captured on video, with the footage circulating on various media platforms. In the video, Bergquam also humorously asked Reid about her hairstyle, jokingly suggesting whether she had either stolen Trump’s haircut or vice versa. Reid appeared visibly displeased by the comment.

The encounter between Reid and Bergquam highlights the intense political divide in the United States, where passionate disagreements often lead to heated confrontations between individuals with differing viewpoints. This incident serves as a reminder of the charged atmosphere surrounding the ongoing trial against Trump and the polarizing opinions it evokes.

Although Reid’s reaction has drawn significant attention, it is important to note that vigorous debates and disagreements are commonplace in the political arena, reflecting the diversity of perspectives and beliefs within the American landscape.

As the trial continues, the nation watches closely, awaiting the outcome and the subsequent ramifications it may have on the political and legal landscape in the United States.

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