The Michigan Freedom Caucus has announced its intention to address the ongoing border crisis caused by the Democrats’ loose immigration policies in an upcoming press conference. The event, titled “Combating the Democrat Border Bloodbath,” is scheduled for June 5, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. and will be held at the Michigan House Republicans Press Conference Room.

The primary objective of this press conference is to express unwavering support for legal immigration and introduce crucial legislation that would empower state and local law enforcement to arrest and deport illegal aliens. The legislation aims to combat the negative repercussions associated with the current border crisis.

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A lineup of prominent speakers is set to address the audience, which includes members of state and local law enforcement, concerned citizens, and voters eager to take a stand against the detrimental effects caused by unrestricted illegal immigration.

Leading the charge will be State Representative Neil Friske, the lead sponsor of the bill package. With his extensive expertise and dedication to border security, Rep. Friske is expected to outline the scope and significance of the proposed legislation during his introduction and welcome speech.

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Following Rep. Friske’s introduction, other key speakers will present different aspects of the legislation. State Representative Steve Carra, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, will identify the problem at hand and shed light on the damaging consequences of porous borders caused by lax immigration policies.

State Representatives Matt Maddock and Jim DeSana, both bill sponsors, will discuss the proposed legislation’s provisions to strengthen the powers of law enforcement agencies in dealing with individuals who exploit the broken immigration system and highlight the impact of the border crisis on local communities, particularly with regards to illicit drug trade.

Josh Schriver, a bill co-sponsor, will emphasize the federal government’s failure to secure the southern border, and Jay DeBoyer, another bill co-sponsor, will express Michigan’s right to enforce its own laws given the lack of action at the federal level.

Members of law enforcement will also be present to provide insights into how the legislation would impact their ability to fulfill their roles effectively. Conservative attorneys and county prosecutors will add their perspectives, discussing the role of the courts and underscoring their support for the legislation’s effectiveness in addressing the illegal immigration problem.

The upcoming press conference by the Michigan Freedom Caucus carries significant weight, as it aims to shed light on the border crisis issue and propose a comprehensive legislative approach to combat it. By prioritizing legal immigration, upholding the rule of law, and protecting American citizens, the Freedom Caucus intends to drive meaningful change and secure the borders of Michigan.

As conservatives across the state eagerly await this crucial press conference, the focus on resolving the Democrat border crisis remains a top priority. The event promises to generate crucial discussion and unite like-minded individuals in the shared goal of preserving the integrity of the immigration system and safeguarding local communities.

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