In recent months, the relentless attacks on former President Donald Trump by the left have done more than just create a spectacle; they have backfired, driving more Americans to rally behind him. United States Senator for Missouri, Eric Schmitt, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly. Schmitt, expressing his outrage, stated, “You want to know why (Trump) is rising in the polls? Because the American people understand the injustice that’s happening, and they don’t want to see their country turn into a banana republic.”

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The constant legal assaults on Trump are viewed by many as transparent attempts to sideline him from the political arena. As Schmitt points out, this isn’t just about legal maneuvering; it’s about thwarting democracy. The Democrats’ strategy appears clear: if they can’t defeat Trump at the ballot box, they aim to eliminate him through unprecedented legal challenges. Schmitt aptly labeled this as “unprecedented lawfare,” a tactic never before seen in the history of American politics.

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This aggressive approach by the left has had a paradoxical effect. Rather than diminishing Trump’s support, it has galvanized his base and even swayed undecided voters. The American people are perceptive; they see through the facade. As Schmitt said, “This has added jet fuel to his campaign.” The continuous barrage of legal challenges is perceived as an attack on the democratic process itself, prompting a surge in support for Trump.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll underscores this phenomenon. The poll reveals a significant swing in favor of Trump, reflecting the public’s growing discontent with the left’s tactics. The more the left pushes, the more resilient and robust Trump’s support becomes. It’s a classic case of unintended consequences, where the very actions meant to undermine Trump have fortified his position.

From a broader perspective, the implications of these actions are alarming. If such tactics were employed in another country, our State Department would likely issue travel warnings, condemning the nation as a banana republic. The American people do not want their country to be associated with such political corruption and manipulation. They yearn for a fair and transparent political process where leaders are chosen by the will of the people, not through legal subterfuge.

As we approach the next election, it’s crucial to heed the warning implicit in Schmitt’s words. The poll numbers may be promising for Trump supporters, but complacency is the enemy. The left’s relentless efforts to undermine Trump won’t cease, and vigilance is paramount. The American people must remain engaged and informed, ensuring that democracy prevails over partisan machinations.

Overall, the left’s baseless lawfare against Trump has inadvertently strengthened his support, demonstrating the American people’s commitment to justice and democracy. However, this is not the time to slack off. Continued vigilance is essential to safeguard the integrity of our political system.