A controversy has erupted at Campbell County High School in Alexandria, Kentucky, after a graduate claimed that his diploma was withheld due to his spontaneous endorsement of Jesus Christ during his commencement speech. Micah Price, who delivered the graduation address on May 24, received permission to express his faith in Jesus but went off-script to urge fellow Christians to stand up for their beliefs.

In his speech, Price addressed the audience at Northern Kentucky University’s Truist Arena by saying, “Class, before another word leaves my mouth, I must give the honor, the praise, and the glory to my lord and savior Jesus Christ.” The crowd responded with resounding applause, encouraging Price to share his message further. He continued by emphasizing the importance of faith in Jesus and inviting those without it to consider him as the answer to their questions.

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However, school officials were displeased when Price deviated from the pre-approved script and approached him after the ceremony. They reprimanded the graduate and denied him his diploma, citing his departure from the agreed-upon content. According to Price’s video on TikTok, he was informed that he would need to explain his actions before the school board.

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Superintendent Shelli Wilson defended the school’s decision, clarifying that all speakers were advised that diverging from the approved speeches could have consequences. Wilson stated, “Off-program choices such as speech, signs, and caps in support of any cause or religion, injecting inappropriate language, or political election statements could lead to something other than this outpouring of Christian faith.”

Price revealed that he had initially included the religious content in his script but was instructed to remove it for approval. He understood the concerns of the school regarding its diverse audience but believed it was important to share his beliefs and encourage fellow Christians to be vocal about their faith.

Although disappointed with the school’s response, Price expressed no ill will towards Campbell County or the principals, acknowledging that they were simply following their job responsibilities. He took full responsibility for his actions, asserting that he served a higher power and was willing to accept any punishment.

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Fortunately, Price finally received his diploma on Wednesday after a prolonged holiday weekend. He expressed gratitude, considering it an answered prayer. Price, an incoming cadet at the US Air Force Academy, stated that he had no regrets and would repeat his actions if given the chance.

The incident has sparked debate over freedom of speech, religious expression, and the limits schools impose on graduation speeches. As discussions continue, the story serves as a reminder of the complex balance between individual beliefs and institutional guidelines.

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