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Illegal Alien Sparks Outrage Online After Complaining U.S. Isn’t Giving Them Enough Free Stuff [VIDEO]

A so-called “migrant” (the new politically correct term for “illegal alien”) from the Dominican Republic has spoken of her “traumatic” experience in upstate New York where she is currently receiving free food and rent.

Yaniry Pena and her family left the Dominican Republic in 2023, taking a month and a half to travel from El Salvador to Mexico before crossing the border into Texas. Upon arrival in the United States, she was enlisted in a housing program. While initially being based in a downtown hotel, Pena was relocated into an apartment complex in Rochester.

Speaking to News10NBC [1], Pena complained of the condition of her apartment complex which did not have gas nor power. She also claimed her fridge was filled with either tiny worms or feces until it was replaced… To check out the rest of this story, visit WokeSpy [2].