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Gunfire Erupts In Fatal Police Shooting When Suspect Pulls Gun From Waistband [VIDEO]

The Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD) has recently released footage capturing an officer-involved shooting that took place on May 5. Responding to a domestic disturbance call at a residence located on 7400 NW 106th Street, officers arrived just before 8 pm. The intense situation unfolded when a male suspect physically assaulted a female inside the home, leading to the fatal encounter with law enforcement.

The video footage depicts a man brandishing a firearm, yelling at someone while sporadically firing shots into the air. It is at this critical moment that law enforcement officials approach the scene. The first officer swiftly arrived and engaged with the armed individual, subsequently identified as Kenneth Allsen.

According to OKCPD, the officer issued several verbal commands to Allsen, though his compliance was noticeably absent. As the second officer arrived on the scene, Allsen seemingly chose to distance himself from the officers while engaged in a phone conversation.

Reports indicate that Allsen had his back turned to the officers initially but eventually turned around, making eye contact with them. It was in this split-second motion that Allsen retrieved a handgun from his waistline, prompting one of the officers to discharge their weapon in self-defense. Sadly, the result was the fatal shooting and subsequent death of Allsen at the scene.

Tragically, during the investigation, officers discovered another firearm in Allsen’s back pocket as they tended to his lifeless body.

Authorities have emphatically stated that no other individuals sustained injuries during this distressing incident.

The OKCPD is currently conducting a thorough investigation into this officer-involved shooting, examining all available evidence to provide a comprehensive account of the events that unfolded on that fateful day. It is a stark reminder of the challenging and dangerous situations law enforcement officers face when responding to calls of domestic disturbances, bringing to light the unpredictable nature of such encounters and the need for swift action to protect public safety.