In a heated exchange on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” on Wednesday, Trump lawyer Alina Habba disputed guest host Shannon Bream’s take on the business record trial targeting former President Trump.

Habba made a strong statement, alleging that Joe Biden lacks significant achievements in office and is resorting to diversionary tactics akin to those seeking personal gains from opportunistic lawsuits. She asserted, “This is exactly a Biden show because he’s got to distract the American people.”

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Despite Shannon Bream’s weak attempt to defend Biden’s regime, Habba stood her ground. Bream futilely claimed that the trial was not the Biden regime’s doing but rather a state trial led by Alvin Bragg. However, Habba exposed these claims as mere smoke and mirrors. She urged Bream to consider the numerous instances of state officials, like Letitia James and Fani Willis, visiting the White House, suggesting a clear and undeniable connection to the Biden regime.

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Furthermore, Habba reminded Bream that the federal government had declined to pursue any election-related charges against Trump, effectively putting an end to that line of attack. Habba pushed back, emphasizing that Bragg conveniently resurrected the case when he decided to run for office—an obvious ploy to score political points rather than a genuine pursuit of justice.

This contentious exchange sheds light on the deep-rooted political bias and manipulation surrounding this trial. It only serves as further evidence that Trump continues to be targeted by those seeking to undermine him at all costs. The blatant political motivations behind this trial cannot be ignored, especially by those who value fairness and justice.

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