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Florida Man Praised By Police For Killing Attacker Who Shot His Wife In The Face [VIDEO]

A Florida resident was hailed as a hero by police after killing his wife’s attacker with a 7-inch garden knife. The incident happened on Thursday at a residence in Avon Park, leading the authorities from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office to respond to a violent confrontation call. Lindsey Glenn, a 62-year-old ex-prisoner with a criminal record of a dozen felonies, devised a scheme to dupe an elderly couple into letting him inside their home on Joe Hilton Street.

Reports indicate that Glenn initially gained entry using a ruse. Once he was allowed inside, Glenn took out a firearm and shot the female victim in the face, causing grave injuries. The male resident, who witnessed his wife getting shot, wasted no time and immediately grabbed a garden knife. The husband repeatedly stabbed Glenn with the 7-inch blade, ultimately killing him.

The injured female victim stumbled outside of their home and onto the porch of their next-door neighbor, where she could get help. She was then transported to a trauma center, where she is currently in stable condition. The male victim, on the other hand, was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and was later released, according to a statement by the Police.

“Once armed with the knife, he went to work on Mr. Lindsey Glenn. Ultimately the suspect Lindsey Glenn was cut to pieces and was very much deceased by the time the deputies could get to him.” – Sheriff Paul Blackman of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

Blackman also commended the actions of the male victim, who defended his wife and their home quickly and bravely. The sheriff expressed his sympathies towards the attacked couple, emphasizing that they had undergone a traumatic experience, hoping for the female victim’s fast and full recovery.

Glenn, previously convicted on burglary and robbery charges, had spent at least six previous prison terms, according to the authorities. The investigation over the said incident is currently ongoing.