Ann Arbor, Michigan – In a shocking turn of events, Corey Harris joined his court Zoom call while driving, leaving the judge and legal team astounded. The incident took place during a trial on May 15, revolving around Harris’ case of driving with a suspended license.

During the proceedings, the assistant public defender introduced the idea of Harris joining the Zoom call, at which point he promptly appeared. However, District Judge J. Cedric Simpson was quick to notice that Harris was wearing a seatbelt and that his vehicle was clearly in motion.

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Expressing his astonishment, Judge Simpson directly asked Harris if he was behind the wheel. Harris responded, “Actually, I’m pulling into my doctor’s office. So just give me one second… I’m parking right now.”

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As the judge processed the situation, the Zoom cameras captured the bewildered looks on the faces of the public defenders, who appeared disappointed. People sitting in the back of the courtroom attempted to conceal their laughter.

Seeking clarification, the judge threw his pen on the table, placed his hand on his face, and inquired if Harris had come to a complete stop. Unfortunately, Harris had not.

When Harris finally parked, his legal team requested a four-week adjournment for the case. However, Judge Simpson was not inclined to grant the request. Expressing his perplexity, he said, “Okay, so maybe I don’t understand something. This is a ‘driving while license suspended’ case, and he was just driving… and he didn’t have a license.”

Verifying the statement with the assistant public defender, Judge Simpson briefly reviewed Harris’ paperwork before making what was likely the easiest decision of the day. Harris’ bond was immediately revoked, and he was ordered to turn himself in to the Washtenaw County Jail by 6 p.m. that evening.

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