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Biden’s Unpopularity Exposed By Deep Blue Philly Rally Attendance [VIDEOS]

In a recent visit to Philadelphia, Joe Biden attempted to appeal to black voters, but his rally at Girard College left much to be desired. The event was marred by questionable remarks, pandering, and false accusations against former President Donald Trump. However, it was not just Biden’s controversial address that raised eyebrows; it was the attempt to make his small crowd appear larger than it actually was.

Despite claims by Biden’s supporters that the rally was well-attended, photos captured by honest reporter Steven Nelson of the NY Post revealed a different story. The images showed a front-packed gym that was only about half full, with a significant press bandstand and tables occupying the rest of the space. The crowd size paled in comparison to the thousands that thronged to see President Trump at his recent Bronx rally.

These tactics to make a modest gathering appear more substantial only highlight the challenges Biden faces with voters. Even in staunchly Democratic areas such as Philadelphia, he struggles to generate enthusiasm and draw sizable crowds. This was not an isolated incident; past events, like the one in New Hampshire, exposed Biden’s inability to rally significant support.

The repercussions of these lackluster turnouts are evident in recent polls. A Philadelphia Inquirer/New York Times/Siena College survey revealed a decline in Biden’s support among young, Black, and Hispanic voters. In Pennsylvania specifically, he faces a 3% deficit. Furthermore, the poll indicated that nearly 70% of voters in battleground states believe significant change is necessary in the country’s political and economic systems.

The Biden campaign’s attempt to establish a “Black Voters for Biden-Harris” initiative was met with skepticism given Biden’s controversial track record. Accusations of racist associations and a notorious 1993 speech labeling blacks as “predators” cast doubt on his credibility with minority voters.

“First of all, the “Summer of Love” riots were anything but peaceful. People died. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damages were done. Way more cops were injured as a result of these Democrat-endorsed riots. Yet… not one rioter was killed, whom were mostly Black.

I used to give Biden the benefit of the doubt, but now I’m truly starting to abhor the man. He’s just as much a race-baiter as the rest.

Let’s kick him out of office.” – Zeek Arkham [9]

Critics argue that Biden’s lackluster rally in Philadelphia only adds to the mounting evidence of his waning support and inability to inspire voters, even in traditionally blue areas like Philadelphia. The images of a sparsely filled gym, akin to a gathering for Little League sign-ups, further underscore the contrast with the energetic and massive Trump rallies.

Despite efforts to mock Biden’s rally, it serves as a reminder of why he is focused on targeting his main political opponent, Donald Trump. As the election approaches, Biden’s inability to generate significant enthusiasm may prove to be a significant challenge for his campaign.