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Baby Shot Multiple Times, Home Engulfed in Flames During Standoff In Arizona [VIDEO]

SURPRISE, Ariz. (KPHO/Gray News) – In a shocking turn of events, a 6-month-old child is now fighting for their life after being shot multiple times during a harrowing incident in Surprise, Arizona. The unimaginable tragedy took place at a home where fire crews later battled a fierce blaze.

The baby, who was undergoing surgery, sustained injuries to the “lower extremities,” according to authorities. Despite the severity of the situation, the child’s family has expressed cautious optimism about their recovery.

The series of distressing events unfolded when officers received a distress call at approximately noon. A woman reported being held hostage by her baby’s father in a residence located near Cotton Lane and Cactus Road. Luckily, the woman managed to escape from the clutches of her abductor, but she remained deeply concerned for her child’s safety. She informed law enforcement that the suspect had forcibly entered the home in the early hours of the morning, keeping her against her will.

Officers gained access to the residence, where they were met with the sound of gunshots. Shockingly, they discovered the innocent 6-month-old baby, who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Despite not encountering or engaging with the suspect, the officers successfully rescued the child from inside the house. The child was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. Meanwhile, the woman only suffered minor injuries.

Law enforcement officials believe the suspect was still inside the home when a devastating fire broke out. Armored SWAT trucks and armed police swiftly surrounded the residence, as captured by Arizona’s Family news chopper. The intensity of the situation escalated even further around 3 p.m. when the home became engulfed in flames. Shocking footage showed the fire rapidly spreading from the back to the front of the house, eventually collapsing the roof. The suspected presence of the assailant within the residence prevented firefighters from approaching too closely, leading to a delayed response to the inferno.

Former assistant Phoenix police chief Andy Anderson highlighted the unique challenges faced by firefighters in these situations, stating, “Firefighters don’t wear bulletproof vests. Firefighters don’t have weapons so they are vulnerable in these kinds of situations, so it’s imperative that law enforcement stabilize that scene in such a way that it’s safe to address the fire.”

In an effort to contain the flames and prevent their spread, firefighters used two ladder trucks to water the engulfed house and the neighboring property.

As of 4:30 p.m., firefighters appeared to have extinguished the fire, although they continued to diligently address any remaining hot spots. Due to the ongoing investigation and the potential danger in the area, authorities urged nearby residents to avoid the vicinity of the incident.

This heart-wrenching series of events serves as a stark reminder of the unthinkable threats faced by innocent individuals and the tireless efforts of law enforcement and first responders in protecting our communities. The thoughts and prayers of the entire community are with the innocent baby and their family during this unimaginably difficult time.