In a distressing incident, 36-year-old Ricardo Guade Andrade, a resident of San Fernando, met his end during a police pursuit in Pasadena on the evening of April 13. The fatal encounter began when Pasadena Police approached Andrade, who was parked in a white pickup truck on Hudson Avenue near Del Mar Boulevard. The truck was positioned incorrectly on a one-way street, prompting the officers to conduct a check on the vehicle.

When approached by the police, Andrade made an attempt to flee by turning on the engine, prompting a foot pursuit. A poignant moment is captured in the body-worn camera footage as one officer informs the dispatch that they have “got one at gunpoint” and that Andrade was “trying to run me over.”

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The pursuit continued as Andrade ran a red light, ultimately crashing the truck into a parked vehicle in the driveway of a home on the 800 block of Arden Road. Subsequently, a K9 officer arrived on the scene and released the dog towards the truck, urging Andrade to cease his actions.

Following the crash, Andrade broke into two residences, inciting fear and distress among the occupants. The intrusion culminated in a turn of events as officers, responding to a plea for help from a woman fleeing from the second residence, discovered Andrade in the backyard. The situation escalated when Andrade, still entangled with the K9, allegedly made a move towards what authorities claim was a handgun. In response, at least two officers discharged around eight shots at Andrade, resulting in his demise at the scene. A handgun was subsequently found near his body.

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The shooting is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in conjunction with detectives from the police department’s Robbery and Homicide Unit. The authorities are diligently ascertaining the events that led to this unfortunate series of events, striving to uncover the full truth behind this incident.

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