In a recent development regarding the events of January 6th, new footage has emerged on larger outlets that suggest the possibility of Capitol Police inciting the riot by firing munitions at a peaceful crowd. The video, circulating online, challenges the initial narrative surrounding the Capitol breach and calls for a closer examination of the actions taken by law enforcement that day.

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The footage, now shared on ZeroHedge, but originally posted by InvestigateJ6 on X, reveals the moments leading up to the storming of the Capitol. It raises concerns about the response of Capitol Police and their actions contributing to the escalation of tensions on that fateful day.

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Was January 6 An Insurrection Or A Fedsurrection?

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According to the video, captured by an unknown source, there were instances where Capitol Police appeared to fire munitions at a crowd that had not displayed any violent behavior. This revelation has sparked further discussions about whether the law enforcement response was proportionate and justified or if it catalyzed the chaotic scenes that unfolded later.

The video’s release has prompted renewed scrutiny of the events of January 6th, with conservative commentators and lawmakers questioning the initial narrative presented by the mainstream media and the J6 Committee. They argue that the footage contradicts claims that the riot was entirely driven by pro-Trump supporters.

In a separate report by The Gateway Pundit, a leading conservative outlet, the suggestion that the entire incident was “set up” gains traction.

Critics argue that the video footage challenges the mainstream narrative, which primarily emphasizes the actions of Trump supporters as the sole cause of the events of J6. Instead, they contend that a broader analysis is warranted to understand the full context and potential factors contributing to the chaos.

As the investigation into January 6th continues, it is crucial to consider all available evidence and ensure a fair and unbiased examination of the events. Transparency and accountability are vital in shedding light on the actions and decisions made by law enforcement officials during that critical moment in American history. InvestigateJ6 has, for some time, been putting evidence out there that the mainstream Mockingbird media has been ignoring. Take this thread they started on February 20th for example:

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It remains to be seen how these ‘new’ revelations will impact ongoing investigations and discussions surrounding the events of January 6th. However, it is clear that the wider release of these videos has prompted conservative voices to reexamine the official narrative and call for a more comprehensive evaluation of what transpired at the Capitol on that fateful day.

“Every member of the Jan 6th committee, Nancy Pelosi, FBI, DOJ, DC Police, Cap Police, Jan 6 witnesses who lied, all need to be subpoenaed. Criminal referrals must be written and prosecutions MUST happen under a Trump DOJ. I’ve said it all along, MAGA did not do this.” – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

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